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Jan 18, 2005 02:16 AM

Does active dry yeast come in jars?

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Having recently started baking, I find that the little packets of yeast really aren't doing it for me anymore.

Does anyone know a brand of active dry yeast that comes in a small box/jar? I tried Whole Foods without success. Suggestions in San Francisco would be most appreciated; suggestions for major supermarket brands would also be useful. Perhaps I need to be shopping at Costco?

Speaking of which, does anyone know if Costco sells big bags (over 5 lb) of King Arthur's bread flour?

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  1. j

    Fleischmann's makes regular active dry, cakes, quick rise and bread machine yeast in large sizes. I've found the bread yeast in jars in regular grocery stores.


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      That's what I have; bought it at one of the Bell/Cala/NobHill stores in SF.

    2. Yes, it does.

      My favorite Red Star comes in a jar and a 1 or 2 LB vacuum sealed bag. When you open the bag, transfer the yeast to an air tight container and keep in the freezer for long life. You can find the 2lb bags @ Smart and Final There is one on 7th ave, between Geary and Clement, one on Van Ness @ Division and on Bayshore south of Flower.

      The other option and a great source for all things baking is the King Arthur Flour Website. But realize 9 times out of 10 it is not worth paying the shipping from Norwich VT to San Francisco.


      1. Somewhere on the King Arthur web site they list stores that carry their flour. The co-op closest to me carries 10lb bags, so I'm guessing there is a place semi-close to you that would. Unless you really have your heart set on Costco.

        1. Rainbow Grocery in san francisco sells yeast in the refrigerated bulk food section across from the olives. I'm not sure if it's active dry or fresh because I'm not a very experienced or knowledgeable baker, but it makes my bread rise. For some reason my bread ends up distinctively yeasty with this stuff. Probably my problem, but if it's a clue for you....

          1. Whole Foods has active dry yeast in their bulk section, near nuts/dried fruits/beans. So do most other health food stores.

            Large supermarkets typically have major brand yeast in jars or large foil packages (1lb package) - sort of like coffee beans packages.

            If you started baking recently, it might be worthwile to search for a bulk place/baking supplies place in your area - they have what you want and more.