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Jan 17, 2005 10:11 PM

Too Much Pulled Pork

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Ok, So I made a pulled pork (whole shoulder) for just my wife and I....Now I have (obviously) too much left over..Does anyone have any ideas what to do with it? Maybe make empanadas or something? I'm up for anything...It's vinegar based bbq I should add...Otherwise I'll be eatin sandwiches all week.

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  1. NACHOS!!!

    I made a cheddar cheese sauce (roux base) and made a pile of fantastic nachos with pulled pork a few weeks ago.

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    1. re: krissywats
      King of Northern Blvd.

      Awesome....maybe I'll freeze some for Superbowl nachos.....

    2. Any variety of barbecued meat freezes like a dream. Just make sure it's all covered with sauce or liquid or whatever you use. You'll have a supply for the winter.

      1. You did a grand thing--no such thing as too much pulled pork:
        1)Make a nice batch of thick bean soup and mix in some of that pulled pork for GOOD pork and beans--or just open up some cans of beans and mix 'n heat. This too can be frozen.
        2) taco salad: heat the pork, put a generous serving on a bed of greens, inside a tortilla basket or over tortilla chips. Garnish w/ sour cream, olives, salsa, onions, chopped tomatoes, cheese; pass extra garnishes so that diners can tailor to taste.
        3) If you have the inclination and skill, use as filling for Chinese style steamed or baked pork buns
        4) tacos
        5) Use as a component for an Asian style noodle soup
        6) Serve over a big baked potato, rice or noodles garnished w/ finely sliced green onions
        7)Use as a filling for those midwestern style tamale pie/loaf dishes
        You better go make some MORE of that pulled pork! :-)

        1. Hi,

          I've only recently learned how to smoke a pork shoulder to make pulled pork. I have made 8 pork shoulders this fall.

          From our local smoking expert, he freezes his pulled pork in freezer ziploc bags. He recommends adding apple juice when reheating to provide some moisture. It also allows you to freeze it as-is, rather than sauced, to allow you to choose sauces when you want to eat it. Another friend reheats his pulled pork in a bamboo steamer, which by the steam itself adds much needed moisture.

          Tacos and nachos are great ideas, I add sloppy joes. Anyway I am very interested in the ideas offered in this thread because I, too, get a little over enthusiastic making pulled pork and need all your ideas as well.


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            A friend said to reheat the pulled pork in a crock pot with just a very little bit of water added. Heat on low---I tried it and it works just great, as good as fresh!

          2. I agree with the freezing idea, cuz it's great to pull it out and have it within a short time (such as a Sat. afternoon, etc).

            Also, if you're hosting or going to a super bowl party where you're supposed to bring food, break it out then, get some potato dinner rolls (the small ones) and the fixin's and let everyone make mini pulled pork sandwiches.