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Jan 17, 2005 07:00 PM

mango puree

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Mango lassi, mango lassi, mango lassi.....they've been on my mind (can you tell?).

So I went to my local Indian market yesterday I had a minor dilemma in that I couldn't decide which brand of mango puree to buy. I saw about 5-10 brands. They were all about the same size (30 oz) and ranged in price from $1.89 - $2.50

I ended up using my method of "whatever brand that has the emptiest space on the shelf" technique. If it's gone, it must be popular right?

I ended up buying a brand from company called “Deep” and it had an oil lamp as its icon, it was $1.99. It was good, sweet, rich orange color...but just the tiniest bit tinny tasting. It had a better mango taste than the whole pieces of mango in a can from the Asian markets, better color too. (I haven’t had luck buying good fresh mangos that ripened properly lately.) I have TJ's frozen mangos in my freezer but my Indian friends insist that the canned puree is the best for lassi. Besides, it's shelf stable and I don't have too much room left in my freezer.

I'd like to know what everyone's favorite brand of mango puree. What are some other uses for mango puree? Any favorite recipes? I had a great mango soft serve ice cream/frozen yogurt at a restaurant once.....I wish Yogurt Park in Berkeley would have that flavor.

I posted this question on another message board and only had one response. :(

I need chowhound help.

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  1. If you have an ice cream machine, add a cup of very cold puree to your favorite vanilla ice cream recipe. The flavor won't be as sugary as a store bought mango ice cream, but it's very refreshing.

    I'm sure you could take a lime/lemon sherbert ice cream recipe and substitute the citrus with mango, but I havne't tried that yet.

    1. If the can specifies Alphonso mangoes, it should be very good.

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        Amin (London Foodie)

        Personally, am not sold on the idea of mango puree,
        but then am more used to fresh mangoes as we get
        loads of them in season over here.

        The suggestion by nooodles looks good, providing
        you have an ice cream machine.

        I think you guys out there get mostly the latin
        american or caribbean mangoes while IMHO the ones
        from India/Pakistan are far better in quality and
        taste, such as Alphonso, Langra, Sindhri and many
        other varieties.

        Am looking forward to the next season which ought to
        be around June/July as friends/family all tend to bring
        along crates of the stuff as gifts.

        Fresh Mangoes such as the ones mentioned are excellant
        either peeled, or diced into squares, & chilled.

        Another delightful though very messy method is to
        extract the juice manually -peel the skin off, roll
        up your sleeves, and squeeze all the juice out over
        a bowl, using both hands. You will need about 8-10
        mangoes to fill a good sized bowl in this manner.

        Chill, then serve over a warm plate of rice -Yum.

        Alternatively put the diced squares into a liquidiser,
        whizz it about, add some milk, pulse it, and voila...
        you have Mango milkshake.

        If you have some un-ripened mangoes, then place them
        in old newspaper and leave in a warm room for a day
        or two till ripe.

        ps: Be careful not to over eat as Mangoes can also
        translate to Womangoes as it can be laxating when
        consumed in greater quantity.