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Jan 17, 2005 04:46 PM

A great big frozen pork loin

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I didn't have time to cut roasts from a whole boneless pork loin (~6#) that I bought a few months ago. I typically cook for one, and even a 2# roast taxes my ability to eat up the leftovers in time.

I'm thinking of thawing, cutting three roasts, and having my own porkapalooza. Any suggestions of recipes that would freeze well after cooking, or should I just wait for an opportunity to throw a big dinner party?

I know it's typically not a good idea to thaw and refreeze, but could I get away with a partial thaw, just enough to hack up into smaller roasts, and freeze?

Blue skies,

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  1. Do you have a butcher friend? You could bring in the roast and have him/her saw it into pieces with the big meat saw. Alternatively, a carpenter who doesn't mind a little pork on his machinery.

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      A big meat saw is definitely a thought, as is a hacksaw and enough time. :) Thanks!

    2. I cook a big roast pork loin then slice it and freeze dinner-size portions of sliced pork on top of stuffing, covering the whole thing with some canned gravy so it doesn't dry out. Cover dish with Saran, label, put in plastic bag, and twist shut. Very nice to have on hand for a quick dinner. Can use stuffing mix for the stuffing or make up some cornbread using mix and turn it into cornbread stuffing; good with plenty of sage but do your own thing. Or skip the stuffing and just freeze sliced roast pork in gravy.