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Jan 17, 2005 03:43 PM

fois gras

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Couldn't resist the sale at Charles De Gaulle Airport.
Bought three very large cans of quality fois gras.
Served one New years as a pate.
Far too rich.
Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
not interested in Beef Wellington, but possibly seared, or any other suggestions

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  1. I enjoy preparations of fois gras with a slightly spicy or acidic element.

    Two favourites come to mind - one where the fois gras was lightly seared and searved over slices of seared nectarines in a juice/balsalmic reduction with thin sliced toast wedges, the other a similarily seared slice that had first been rolled in the crumbs of ginger snaps. I forget what type of reduction accompanied it, however. For some reason braised endive comes to mind, which I know was served during that meal, but I think that might be too much of a contrast and was probably part of another dish.

    1. Mail them to me?

        1. Fruit and acid should help cut richness. How about seared foie gras served w/ a reduction of prunes (or dried figs or cherries), balsamic, and port? Don't drown the lovely foie gras but just serve a little on top or off to side. Have seen it served over baby greens or w/ lightly-toasted bread (like brioche). ENJOY!

          1. is it foie gras entirer or pate do foie gras?

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              Good question, Candy. My suggestion below assumed whole fresh foie gras, so searing wouldn't work so much for pate.