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fois gras

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Couldn't resist the sale at Charles De Gaulle Airport.
Bought three very large cans of quality fois gras.
Served one New years as a pate.
Far too rich.
Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
not interested in Beef Wellington, but possibly seared, or any other suggestions

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  1. I enjoy preparations of fois gras with a slightly spicy or acidic element.

    Two favourites come to mind - one where the fois gras was lightly seared and searved over slices of seared nectarines in a juice/balsalmic reduction with thin sliced toast wedges, the other a similarily seared slice that had first been rolled in the crumbs of ginger snaps. I forget what type of reduction accompanied it, however. For some reason braised endive comes to mind, which I know was served during that meal, but I think that might be too much of a contrast and was probably part of another dish.

    1. Mail them to me?

        1. Fruit and acid should help cut richness. How about seared foie gras served w/ a reduction of prunes (or dried figs or cherries), balsamic, and port? Don't drown the lovely foie gras but just serve a little on top or off to side. Have seen it served over baby greens or w/ lightly-toasted bread (like brioche). ENJOY!

          1. is it foie gras entirer or pate do foie gras?

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              Good question, Candy. My suggestion below assumed whole fresh foie gras, so searing wouldn't work so much for pate.

            2. tournedos rossini for your lucky dinner companion!!!

              1. How about Beef Wellington?

                Link: http://www.leitesculinaria.com/recipe...