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Jan 17, 2005 03:03 PM

Microwave "dulce de leche"?

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Just reading some user comments on an epicurious recipe and someone suggested the microwave as an alternative to boiling an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk (the idea of which makes me nervous). The instructions were very basic however - basically microwave the milk on medium heat and watch carefully. Has anyone done this? Approximately how long does it take? Any good?

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  1. I did some extensive testing on making Dulce de Leche last year. I posted my findings – with photographs – at the link below.

    I found that, by far, the best DdL was made by the traditional method of long-cooking starting with fresh milk. The microwave version was plain old lousy.


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      How very thorough! Thank you. I suspected it couldn't be as easy as that.

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        Having followed the very thorough onion confit thread on e-gullet recently, I made a batch of it in my crockpot and it was amazing. Do you think that Dulce de Leche could be made in a crockpot too? Just a thought.

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          I should think that would be an ideal way to do it!

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            I was in Border's last week and saw a Jane Brody Crock pot cook book with a receipe for it in it.

        2. Someone once told me that dulce de leche could be purchased at a Latin market--anyone know if that is true?

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            We're somewhat limited in Latin markets around here. Not every country has the same immigration patterns.