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Jan 15, 2005 09:44 AM

1000 cookbooks

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I thought some home cooks on this board might be interested in this little project. It does require some dedication, however, so only the truly committed should apply.


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  1. thanks, SB! Being a devoted scribbler of recipes and occasional mail artist, I could not resist. Anyone else sign up?

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    1. re: patrick

      I did. WHat a great idea-

      1. re: patrick

        I am on the last person on book 2
        glad I am the last on my book's list because the organiser, Santos, raised the bar SO HIGH with her own entry for book 1, that I need all the time I can possibly get, to try and come up with something even halfway as good.

        I am glad some people on this board joined in, I thought it might be a few peoples' cup of tea.

        see the link below to see what i mean about the standard of entry...