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Jan 14, 2005 03:03 PM

pancetta peppata

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I'm looking for a pancetta that is ubiquitous
in Italy but hard to find here. Instead of
the pancetta that is round like a sausage -this
is a slab, with a pepper crust on the top and
layers of meat and fat. I've seen it at
Buon'Italia in NY but theirs is just a hunk of fat.
Lidia Bastianich cooks with it on her show on PBS -
hers is perfect - meaty with a layer of fat & pepper.

Does anyone know a source in NY or mail order?


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  1. There's a place in Seattle, owned and operated by Mario Batali's father, that may work for you. Their pancetta looks to be well peppered but they roll it. Of course it starts flat so you could unroll it.


    1. Yes, I bought it once at Calabria Pork on Arthur Ave. Here is a picture, you can see what theirs looks like.


      1. Coluccio in Brooklyn sells this type of pancetta.