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Jan 14, 2005 02:57 PM


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Any interesting ideas of what to do with a couple of Pomegranates I picked up? I was going to just toss them with other fruit, but I figured there would be something more exciting to do with them :) . thanks!

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  1. The seeds/arils are great in relishes to use as a topping for lamb or chicken. See the recipe link below.

    Mix the arils into your favorite chicken salad - I think they'd be great in a curried chicken salad.

    Make your own grenadine.

    Tons of info out there - try a Google recipe search at


    1. I had the same question and did a quick search and stumbled upon this recipe... ESPECIALLY good with super tender seeds... The sweetness of the seeds mixed with the tang of Gorgonzola is SO good. Also the texture of a creamy risotto with the snap of the seeds... wonderful...


      1. Seeds good sprinkled on a salad, especially one that includes endive, baby spinach and goat cheese.

        1. Pomegranate Ginger Muffins! Delicious, definitely out of the ordinary, and uses the seeds of about 1 large pomegranate.