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Jan 14, 2005 12:52 PM

Saucier or saucepan? Whats the purpose of either?

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Looking to buy something for boiling eggs, making oatmeal, preparing rice/rice pilafs? (for one person)

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    Sunshine Girl

    A saucier is more for just that - sauces. The curved shape of the bottom of the pan (it's kind of shaped like a u, and doesn't have the 90 degree angles) is ideal for making sauces in that you can use a whisk and access all of the sauce. The whisk fits well into the contoured shape of the pan, leaving no sauce un-whisked. When you think of the typical sauce pan, with the 90 degree angles, a standard whisk does not fit into those corners. A standard sauce pan should be fine for what you are looking to do with it. I personally like All-Clad.

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      also the shape of the saucier helps reduce sauces faster.

    2. The Feb. 2005 edition of Cook's Illustrated has a very specific comparison of the two and also rates the best sauciers (p. 29). Their Best Buy was a Farberware for $36 as opposed to $50 up to $160 for the others they tested. Interesting article!