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Jan 14, 2005 10:37 AM

cast iron skillet

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I've always been interested in owning one but not quite sure if I'd use it all that much. So I'm wondering what do you use yours mostly for?

I see a lot of pre-seasoned ones for sale. With these do you have to continue to season it?

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  1. I use mine more than any other pan I own. It's great for eggs, quesadillas, grilled cheese, or anything that you want a good crust on. It's also fantastic for searing meats, and you can stick it right in the oven to finish.

    Sorry I don't know about pre-seasoned ones. I just be sure to wipe mine with oil after use, and it stays good. And don't use soap on it.

    1. I use mine more than I use any other pan. It retains heat so well which promotes even cooking, no matter where the food happens to lie in the skillet.

      I cook my steaks, fish, sautee veggies, roast potatoes in the oven, you name it...anytime I want nice caramelization or constant heat.

      As for seasoning, it's really not a big deal, especially if you have an outdoor grill or range - You normally would do it in an oven the first time around. If you want to season less often (usually pans re-season themselves while you are cooking), just be sure to coat with a thin film of oil after you clean. BTW, I avoid cleaning with any soap...just boil water in the skillet after cooking, use a wooden chopstick and a paper towel to scrub any food particles sticking to the skillet, then toss the water, wipe clean and apply a light coat of oil before storing.

      1. I love mine. I have three- all different sizes. They belonged to my grandmother, and are still great!! I use them for steak, eggs, sandwiches, frying fish or chicken, home fries, corn bread, burgers. they are my favorite pans. Great to start meats on the stove, and finish in the oven. And- they really do last- more than a lifetime if cared for. Go for it!!

        1. Great for a good crust on steaks. I also like it for brussel sprouts sauteed in bacon fat until brown, then finished in the oven.

          It is great for serving your food in, as it stays hot for a while.

          I have found most of my good pots at estate sales (and they come pre-seasoned! :)

          {Enamel-coated cast iron is also very good.}

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            Speaking of enamel coated cast iron, I have two LC skillets. What should I do in my new/old cast iron pan that I would have previously done in the LC? How are their characteristics different?

            As for pre-seasoned, the pan I just got came from my friend's grandparent's 200 year old farmhouse. I'm sure it's been used plenty, but I'm a little concerned about just starting cooking w/ something that may have been stored in a barn for 50 years. Any suggestions as to how I can make it clean without ruining the years of seasoning?

            1. re: danna

              Run it through the self cleaning cycle in your oven

              1. re: danna

                They are pretty much the same, but you cannot deglaze a cast iron pan with wine or use acidic ingredients (tomatoes, etc).

                1. re: Funwithfood

                  Why not? I deglaze with wine all the time, and my 30-year-old skillets are so well seasoned I wash them with paper towels.

            2. The only thing I use mine for, the thing I bought it for, and the thing I would not give it up for, is German Apple Pancake. Saute sliced apples in brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Whip up the batter (see online recipes galore), pour it over the hot apples, and put in a 400* oven for half an hour. It will puff up and be beautiful.