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Jan 14, 2005 10:12 AM

kitchen supply/registering

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Hi All-

I'm getting married this year, and am in the midst of registering for all things kitchen. I'm looking for advice on what type of pots and pans to register for, and where. I have a 7-qt. Le Crueset which I LOVE, and will probably ask for another size, but not sure how big to get. I also have several calphalon non-stick that I use a lot, so I don't want more of that. What else do I need to round out my collection? Some good stainless steel sauce and fry pans? A good heavy stockpot? I'm pretty clueless as to what's out there, but I'd like to ask for some things I could keep and use for years and years. I'm also looking at glassware and everyday plates and silverware.

I should note that so far I've thought of registering at Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and maybe Penney's or Macy's. Thoughts?

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  1. Congratulations! I, also, am getting married and am starting to think about registering.

    I'm thinking about registering for a ton of All-Clad and Riedel glassware. W-S is a good place but I think my fiancé and I want to keep it down to two places and W-S has a somewhat limited selection. C&B is high on my list and I'm actually thinking about Bed Bath and Beyond. They have the whole All-Clad set and all kinds of other kitchen stuff (some good quality and some not so much). Then you can also add towels, sheets, etc.

    Good luck with everything! And let me know if you come up with any great ideas.


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      Riedel's are a nice look but don't get taken in by the marketing hype, that matching the glass to the wine is nonsense and has been proven to be so. It is a case of the buyer wantimg to believe that makes it so. Also, those stemless wines are just plain stupid. The might be okay for reds but really bad for whites. YOur hand is going to warm the wine and of course the bowls will get finger prints all over them. You might as well be drinking out of a rocks glass. I would suggest that if you have a Sur La Table available that you skip WS and register there instead. SLT is such a much better store with much more to select from.

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      King of Northern Blvd.

      All-Clad stainless 12" fry pan...I find that i use my Creuset 2qt sauce pan alot along with my 5 1/2 qt as well.

      1. I would recommend registering for good knives, if you don't already have them. We got some beauties that we will have forever.

        We also got an All Clad chef's pan, which is incredibly versatile - we use it all the time.