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Jan 13, 2005 11:33 PM

Will smoked duck fat work for cracklings?

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I want to make cracklings (to sprinkle over sauteed kale and garlic) with smoked duck fat that I have from a couple smoked breasts. Since the recipe ( 94) calls for uncooked duck fat or bacon, it seems to me that the smoked fat will work as well? Has anyone done this? Does the smoking process render (ha ha) the fat useless?

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  1. I would recommend that you try it and report back! 8-)

    I'm thinking your cracklings will taste smoky, but if you like that taste and it goes well with what you're putting the cracklings in, I say go for it!

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    1. re: Dorothy

      Definitely report back. I was planning to smoke some duck breast on the Weber, than remove the skin and make crackling for a salad. I'd be interested to know if it will work.

    2. Perhaps I'm just misreading your post, but cracklings are made from the skin, not the rendered fat. Is that what you intended?

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      1. re: Michael

        I have never made them, but the recipe calls for uncooked duck fat or bacon with no mention of skin? Maybe these are not "true" cracklings"? I do not have skin on my hunks of fat.

        1. re: deelish

          If you heat up fat that has no skin you will get rendered fat but no cracklings -- great for roasting potatoes as some else said. If your fat has skin attached (and every smoked duck breast I've ever gotten does have skin, it's very thin) just cut it into pieces -- leaving skin attached to fat -- heat it up, and as the fat renders you will get lovely crispy bits of skin -- cracklings.

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        I've bought smoked duck breasts from a seller at my farmer's market and have successfully rendered the fat and used it for other things--rendered smoked duck fat is great for cooking potatoes and for rubbing on a chicken before roasting, instead of butter or oil. I am sure the cracklings will be wonderful as well.