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Jan 13, 2005 09:30 PM

Too much cream cheese!

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I bought a big tub of delicious cream cheese, and used about half for a cookie recipe. Now I have half a tub of cream cheese in the fridge, but I'm not sure what to do with it (it's all fancy and organic). How long will it last, and does anyone have any ideas about what to do with it besides eating three bagels a day? Curse me for not substituting a more versatile yoghurt!

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  1. b
    babette feasts

    If it's not whipped or lightened somehow (and in a tub instead of a brick just because it is fancy and organic), you could use it in cream cheese pie dough and either freeze it or make an apple galette. I think rugelach also use a cream cheese pastry, if you have a winter afternoon to while away.

    1. Cream cheese frosting on... anything... bran muffins, carrot muffins, pound cake, in a disgustingly sweet grilled panini of frosting and nutella, I'm biased cause I love cream cheese frosting (hangs her head in shame as she admits she can eat it with a spoon).

      Could also use it to make a filling for cheese danishes or a filling for cupcakes or muffins. Could also swirl a cream cheese batter in brownies.

      As for savory, mix in lox and pimento and enjoy on a bagel. Or for a sweeter take, mix in chopped fruit like strawberries or apricots. You could also mix it with ricotta to make a blintz filling or a thicker manicotti filling.

      1. Use it in scrambled eggs or an omelette! It makes it very tasty. Same thing with an egg-based food-style pie/quiche. Perhaps as a filling for crepes?

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          I just recently heard of adding little dabs of cream cheese to scrambled eggs...SOOOOOOO delicious!

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            Along the same lines, add blobs to stovetop mac and cheese. yum! Or mix with cooked or canned salmon and minced shallots for a quick spread.

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              " I just recently heard of adding little dabs of cream cheese to scrambled eggs...SOOOOOOO delicious! "

              :-) My sister has been doing that for years after an evening of drunken revelry (and a few other illegal substances) with her best friend back in high school. They needed some food at 3am, and this is what they made - cream cheese scrambled eggs. It's the only way I'll cook them now.

          2. Put dabs of it on pizza with mushrooms and onions. You could even put it on frozen pizza, you know, if you do that sort of thing.

            1. How about a good old New York style cheesecake?