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Jan 13, 2005 03:12 PM

breakfast eggs

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Has anyone ever tried microwaving egg and cheese sandwiches like they serve at Dunkin Donuts? Wondering if you make ahead like they do and have a hot sandwich in a flash. Possibly making enough to last a couple of days without dirting additional pans everyday. Any suggestions?

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  1. I do not like microwaved bread.

    I am not familiar with the sandwiches you referenced.

    I have made several "breakfast burritos" ahead of time and microwaved them.

    Scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese in a flour tortilla. Sometimes, I add some salsa. Wrap with plastic wrap. Use caution when microwaving cheese: it can be very hot and cause burns. I have used a small amount of grated cheddar. Note: some plastic wraps are not approved for microwave use.

    But, if you want a sandwich, you could make your eggs ahead of time. Toast some bread, heat the eggs in the microwave, assemble when the toast is done. I have eaten cold scrambled egg sandwiches, they are ok.

    1. The carryout near me scrambles some eggs in a small plasic container and nukes it until its firm. Then they put it on a roll or english muffin with ham and cheese and voila, hot egg sandwich. It only involves the bowl it was cooked it, and the cheese melts from the heat of the eggs. Its pretty good but I would want to make it fresh each day. It doesn't take more than 2 minutes to make.

      1. I use a small pyrex/ceramic bowl/dish and spray with a little oil, crack an egg in, salt & pepper, plastic wrap on top, zap for about 40-60 seconds, a slice of muenster and slide it on a toasted english muffin. Done.

        Really easy. You can have variety by throwing in sausage, ham, bacon. (I use the precooked sausage and precooked bacon.)

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          Yes, we've used our little glass timbale or custard cups for this....when our sons were teenagers, it was a great way to cook eggs quickly. Sprayed the cup with Pam first or smeared some olive oil around in the cup first.

        2. They sell little plastic containers specifically for making eggs in a microwave -- it's not necessary, but it makes nuking eggs really easy and they're only a few bucks.

          An example is linked below.


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            I bought one of these, and I don't know what I did wrong, but the eggs exploded everywhere. I put in the right amount of water and pierced the yolks as instructed.

            When lazy, I'll spray a bowl with Pam and toss in egg whites and salsa and nuke it on medium-high watching til it's done. Sometimes I throw in cheese as well.

          2. I go to work very early in the morning,so,once in a great while if I want a bacon,egg,and cheese on a hard roll I cook them the night before on the stove top and then just wrap them nicely in plastic wrap and keep them separate from the bread and then the next morning at work I just reheat the eggs and such in the microwave for a short time and it still tastes very fresh. I don't see any problems with making some for a few days ahead.