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Jan 13, 2005 12:21 PM

extra chipotle peppers in adobo, what do do?

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I'd like to make some sort of braising food with the leftover peppers. They are so spicy, it seems most recipe calls for one or two. I think they'll keep pretty well in the fridge, but what can I do with them?

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  1. I've enjoyed combining with some stew meat (beef or pork) a bunch of onions, and some canned crushed tomatoes and braising for a couple of hours, and then eating in a tortilla (garnish to taste.)

    Alton Brown adds one or two finely diced to mashed sweet potato.

    1. chop up a bit and add to:

      Roast Beef or Pork / Lechon / Carnitas (on a roll, perhaps)
      Corn bread
      a basic bechamel or veloute (over enchiladas, sauteed snapper, crab cakes . . . )
      a glaze or marinade for roast fowl
      bbq sauce

      . . .

      1. It's good to add them to black beans with a little vegetable stock,cilantro and sauteed onions and then pour the beans over tortilla chips for an impromptu nachos fest. If you just put the peppers in a tupperware container they last forever in the refrigerator.

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          I put them in my homemade hummus. I also make chipotle mayonnaise, which is great as a spread on roast beef sandwiches or dolloped on fingerling potatoes.

          Or you can freeze them; there's a thread a little further down the page on tips for that.

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            hummus + chipotle = smoky creamy garlicky spicy ecstasy

          2. Make up a batch of chipotle mayo. Great on burgers. Just chop fine and stir into mayo. It will keep for awhile. We just had it on chicken sandwiches at lunch today and no need to pay the price for the pre-made stuff from French's and not a sweet either.

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              I like to saute mushrooms with a little chopped up chipotle. Nice for an omelette filling.

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                Chipotle mayo is also great on avocado sandwiches.