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Jan 12, 2005 12:23 PM

Chili Recipes

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Please share your best Chile recipes.

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  1. That should be Chili, sorry

    1. I saw this on a food show, this woman had won a prize for this Chili and its awesome. I followed it to the letter. I googled and found the recipe: El Cid Chili

      1. The recipe for Spicy Red Pork and Bean Chili from epicurious, linked below, is excellent. I usually up the meat content and leave out the beans, but either way, it's a really tasty recipe.


        1. There have been lots of threads on chili in the past month you may want to read first, e.g.


          1. I don't have a precise recipe, since I just sort of winged it when I made it: tomatillo-based green chili with black beans and pork. Browned some ground pork (finely diced would have been even better!), then sautéed in the fat left behind: diced onion and poblano pepper, minced garlic. When translucent, returned pork to the pot, added cooked black beans, cooked tomatillo purée (you could use a good bottled green salsa), seasoned with cocoa powder, Mexican oregano, ground cumin, beer, and roasted jalapeños. It was awesome.

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              There's no long, slow cook here, right? Just enough of a simmer at the end to meld the flavors? This sounds good. Thanks.

              1. re: Tatania

                If you are going to use chunks of pork or beef, which would necessitate a long slow cook, one trick would be to use half of your chiles from the start and reserve the other half for the last 15 min or so. This way all of the green chile flavor isn't 'cooked off'.

                1. re: Tongo Rad

                  Actually, this is why I asked, as my most successful chilis, all made with ground meat, have been cooked over a long time with chilis added at the beginning, middle & toward the end. The only time I've ever stewed pork chunks (in a green chili, actually), the meat came out like cubed rubber. But now that I think about it, it was probably just the wrong cut of pork to stew. So what my question really should be is this: would this cubed pork chili benefit from a long simmer, and if so, what's the cut of pork to use?

                  1. re: Tatania

                    The cut could either be shoulder or butt, nothing fancy, and definitely simmered for quite a while. I do mine in the oven and I prefer a low temperature. Usually 275degF for 1 1/2 - 2 hours, depending on the size of the pieces.

                    1. re: Tatania

                      boneless country style pork ribs work nicely. for green chile, simmer approx. 2 1/2-3 hours until meltingly tender.