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Jan 12, 2005 11:46 AM

Indoor Grills

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I need some information on indoor grills. I am not really interested in the George Forman grill, but something a little better.

I saw one on the internet from Williams Sonoma that looked nice.

Please let me know if anyone has used an indoor grill.


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  1. I used the Krups 341 indoor grill in college so that I could cook in my dorm room. It was a lot of fun to use, easy to clean, and didn't smoke at all when grilling. It had a tray of water that sat under it to catch flaming goo that came off the meat.

    The only problem with indoor grills is that they don't impart the desired charcoal flavor of an outdoor grill.


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      We have had a Farberware indoor grill for many years. We use it primarily in the winter when it is too cold to grill outside. It has a rotisserie spit on it as well, which makes wonderful roasts and chickens!

    2. I wanted a panini grill for my Bday and was given the Geo Foreman. I was disappointed but decided to try it. Now, I like it...and I hate my stupid Grind n Brew thermal coffee maker ($159 on sale)(go ahead, ask me why)which goes to show that trying to make your product seem upscale can attract even savvy consumers but doesn't really mean the thing is better.
      The G F grill stands on its side when not in use so it can stay on the counter and not take up much space. The top plate floats a bit and is well weighted so it presses without smashing. The inclined surface means you can wipe it out with a wet sponge and have it drain right into the sink. Plus it heats up in about 2 mins. And I really don't think I'd use an electric open griddle instead of my usual, more traditional cast iron over the burner setup. So, not having tried the more expensive models, I can vouch for the efficacy of the G.F.

      1. If you have a fireplace there's this awesome thing called a tuscan grill--just basically stick it in the fireplace over the grate. Works like a charcoal grill outside. You can get them different places. This one has the best picture of how it operates.


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          I posted below about my Cuisinart Griddler. I've only used it once, to grill tuna, but it did a great job. It's also really versatile-- the grill plates can be changed out for griddle plates so you can use it as a sandwich press, or open it up to make an open-top grill or griddle.

          As other people pointed out, you don't get the same great grill taste as on an outdoor grill. However, for quick, easy, and relatively healthy cooking preparations, it can't be beat.