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pear cake?

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i recently discovered my inner cook, and have been loving this board, but i can't seem to find the recipe for the oft discussed pear cake from galleygirl. i found one link that was no longer good. can anyone please let me know where i can find this recipe? thanks so much.

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  1. Galleygirl's recipe...

    Tom's rendition with more detailed instructions...

    BTW, I made it...be sure NOT to overcook. Drained canned pears also work fine.

    One way I am going to play with this is to add/use almond flavoring (almond extract or amaretto or ground almonds in the cake itself)...

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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      La Dolce Vita

      Will you please let us know how the almond flavoring experiments work? I love almond, and I'd be interested to know if it works with this recipe.