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Jan 11, 2005 10:27 AM

recipes from Saveur

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What are your experiences with recipes from Saveur magazine. Do they turn out well?

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  1. I've made quite a few from there any it's usually fine but sometimes their ingredient list is pretty out there and difficult to get together. Probably about 80% of their recipes have relatively easy-to-get ingredients but they'll always do an article about some really far-off spot and give associated recipes, leaving you really, really, hungry for whatever Yemenese soup made with a special indigenous galangal varietal only available through mail order to a shop in Astoria where they don't speak Englsih, leaving you wanting.

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      Alexandra Halsey

      I've made two: a Ukranian beef/beet borscht and Italian wedding soup. Both were excellent. The recipes themselves were not difficult to follow--a lot of steps, maybe, but no complicated procedures.


      1. re: Alexandra Halsey

        Yeah, I want to re-qualify my statement and say that EVERYTHING I made from there turned out great as I don't try the stuff that has ingredients that require mail ordering. Off the top of my head:

        -rosemary roasted onions w/cream
        -spicy catfish fingers
        -bourbon balls & eggnog from this christmas's issue
        -shrimp fritters
        -zucchini fritters

        There's more I believe but I forget. THe only thing I made that didn't turn out really well was this jamaican fish recipe where you steam the fish through lime wedges which was supposed to infuse the red snapper filet w/delicous limeyness & allspice, it didn't work, but I didn't use red snapper (think I used trout) so who knows. Actually, come to think of it my zucchini fritters didn't stick together really well, but I didn't drain them as instructed.

        1. re: joypirate

          w/re: zucchini fritters-- I, too, ignored the instructions re: draining the zucchini, and had loose fritters the first time I made them. The next time I tried them, though, I followed the instrctions, and they held together well.

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      A Fish Called Wanda

      I find Saveur's recipes to be very detailed and well tested. Pretty much everything I make from Saveur comes out great. I don't usually make the recipes that require you to mail order ingredients, but that's a very small portion of what they publish. In comparison, I find many Bon Appetit recipes to be very badly tested. Gourmet is better tested and often inspiring. Cook's Illustrated is extremely well tested, but often too traditional. Saveur is somewhere in the middle. It's both well tested AND inspiring. Have fun cooking :)

      1. Everything I have ever cooked from Saveur has been wonderful-- off the top of my head, I have made:

        chocolate zucchini cake
        zucchini latkes
        ropa vieja
        pear/ginger/currant chutney (Nov 04, and INCREDIBLE)
        roasted corn/black bean/mango salad
        roast goose
        bolognese sauce.