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Jan 11, 2005 02:27 AM

metric to imperial

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I live in a metric-system country, but I'm American and own a lot of American cookbooks. I have all my yankee measuring cups and spoons with me, but have a huge problem measuring butter. One stick (i.e. 1/4 pound, or eight tablespoons) equals 113 grams. Here, most butter comes as a 1 kilo cylinder, with the wrapper indicating the 100 gram marks. Does anyone have a relatively easy (way doesn't have to be too precise) to turn 1 kilo of butter -- 2.2 pounds -- into the 1/4 pounds that all my cookbooks require? I don't own a scale, but am seriously thinking about buying one.

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  1. Divide into thirds, and then thirds again. That will be 1/9. And 1/9 of 2.2 pounds is close to 1/4 pound.

    And get a scale.

    1. Do get a scale after having it for awhile you will wonder how you survived with out it. I recommend a Sohenle digital scale it is very accurate adn you can swithc back and forth from grams to oz.

      1. When you get the scale: One fluid ounce of butter is equal to one ounce (weight) of butter. There are two TBL in an ounce.

        So if a recipe calls for 3 TBL of butter you just weigh out 1.5 oz on the scale. This is a much more accurate way of measuring ingredients anyway.