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Jan 11, 2005 01:09 AM

Thank you for perfect potatoes and pear cake

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Thank you all! I have made the perfect roasted potatoes (recipe found in December here) as well as the pear tart two nights in a row! My family says they are the best things I've ever made...."good enough to sell"!

I really want to thank everyone for coming across as so gracious and so helpful. I am fairly new to this portion of the site, and now I am obsessed.
xoxo : )

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  1. I have to share my pear cake success too. After feeling guilty about eating about half of it all by myself, I brought some to a meeting and put a few slices on a tray along with muffins and scones from a popular San Francisco breakfast joint (Dottie's, for those of you from around here).

    At one point in the meeting I mentioned that people should eat up because we had a lot of baked goods, and one woman said "That pear cake was so good! I was going to ask you where you bought it." She was my new best friend. I've never had anything I baked mistaken for bakery goods, so it was a new height for me as a baker. Yay!

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      Has anybody tried to make this using canned fruit? I was thinking peaches or I know we would really love Pineapple, drained?

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        Can some repost this pear cake recipe?