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Jan 10, 2005 09:12 PM

Cuisinart Food Process for Cake/Cookie batter???

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I gave away my large Kitchenaid mixer to a relative....Now, of course, I wish I had it. I gave it away as I love to make dough by hand and found I was not using my K-A. Anyhow, I had this epiphany about my large Cuisinart food processor... Can I use it for batters (cookie & cake). I've discovered Williams Sonoma carries an attachment that is two beaters and a rubber spatual type thing and states you can whip eggwhites. So why not batter ??? Anyone with a thought or experience on this would make my day (or week) with your valuable input. Any and all comments appreciated !

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  1. I had that beater thing a long time ago adn got rid of it. As for batters and other liquids and the Cuisinart, they have a nasty way of working themselves up under the balde stem and leaking out of the bowl.

    You may want to invest in a KA 5 speed hand mixer. It is powerful enough to handle cookie batter.

    1. My parents have a complete "Pleasure of Cooking" set and those magazines had lots of recipes for cakes and the like that are made entirely in a food processor. I think the magazine was a collaboration between James Beard and Cuisinart. I have made a chocolate chip pound cake from Pleasure that was fantastic and it is all done in the food processor.

      If my memory serves me correctly Julia Child may have a baking item or two made in the food processor in her baking book as well.


      1. I use my processor for making cookie and cake batters all the time. Mostly for things that don't require beaten egg whites (there's no substitute for a beater there, unless you have arms like cobras) and usually for more "simple" cakes that are not intended to be ethereal perfection - coffee cakes, easy layer type cakes, loaves, etc. For cookies I have not personally found any difference between the results with a processor and with beater. Call me oblivious, but I defy you to pick out which oatmeal raisin thingy was made with the cuisinart and which was made with a Kitchenaid.

        Having said that, you do have to learn how to use the processor so that you don't turn a proper batter into glue. For this I recommend a book like The Pleasures of Your Processor by Norene Gilletz. It's like a blueprint for baking with the machine, and then you can transfer these techniques to some of your own recipes.

        1. Thank you all for the input. It's a great help. Now if my husband would only answer me half as quick when I ask him a question..... I'd be a very happy camper !!! Thanks you chowfriends !