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Jan 10, 2005 07:51 PM

What to do with excess creamcheese frosting?

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Well, I made Nigella's Guinness Cake for the second time today, and just like the time before that I ended up with excess frosting. Now, I've changed it from the original as I found that too sweet for my taste, adding extra creamcheese and a bit of sourcream so it's nice tangy-salty-sweet instead of dominantly sweet. Any ideas for what to do with the excess? It's a couple of cup's worth.

Nigella's original recipe calls for 1 1/4 cups of confectioner's sugar (powdered sugar), 8 ounces cream cheese and 1/2 cup heavy cream. I've got 1 cup of sugar, 10 ounces cream cheese, 1/2 cup heavy cream and 1/3 cup sourcream all mixed together.

I'm thinking maybe some sort of omelette, or perhaps it would go well in the crockpot.. Ideas, help, anything! Please!

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  1. It sounds like you've pretty much made a no-bake cheesecake... you should give it a taste... I think if it tastes good, you should just throw it in a pie crust and chill it.

    If as is it tastes too sweet for you, I'd add an egg or two and bake it.

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      Ooh! That sounds like a really good idea, adding eggs and baking it that is. I think I'll try that. =) Thanks!

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        My mom used to spread extra frosting between two graham crackers to make sort of a sandwich cookie for us kids. We loved them.

      2. My husband makes "stuffed" french toast and puts a filling of sweetended cream cheese (by itself) or mixed with any berry we may have around. My favorite is blueberry. Also works with pancakes and waffles.

        You can also use this 'frosting' on cupcakes, muffins, bagels, and toast. Yum.

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          You can also make carrot cake/muffins (or any quickbread like zucchini, date nut, etc.) and accompany it w/ the cream cheese frosting.

        2. What about freezing it for next time? I recently did this with a cream cheese frosting and it defrosting perfectly.

          1. Your 10 closest friends and 10 spoons.