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Jan 10, 2005 06:17 PM

Freezing Chipotle's?

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Hi all, I had to open a can of chipotle chili's for a recipe and only used 2. Anyone know if I can freeze the rest of them?

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  1. Absolutely, you can!!! Some folks puree them all first...then put into little baggies...I like to freeze them whole with a few tablespoons of the adobo..1 chipotle per as you please.

    1. I just decant them into a clean jar and refrigerate. They keep for quite a long time that way

      1. I freeze the peppers individually with a little sauce on a piece of waxed paper and fold it up. I then put all my squares of waxed paper in a freezer bag.

        Since I freeze every last scrap of everything (tomato paste, wine, chicken broth) I have a lot of freezer bags/tupperware in my freezer.

        1. I throw the whole thing into a baggie, lie the baggie down and spread the contents out flat, then freeze. It's then easy to break off as much as you want from the frozen sheet without any fiddling.