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Jan 10, 2005 03:33 PM

shelf life of food

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Does anyone know of a website of other source that will give estimates on the shelf lives of various foods?

I tend to buy things with then intention of using them, but as I live alone, I end up going out or not cooking for long periods of time. Then I get the urge to cook or eat, and have things like sauces and dressings, snack foods, and other things that I dont know if I can use. Mom says, if it smells bad or looks funny dont eat it. I'm looking for better guidelines on things...

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  1. I Googled up this pretty extensive list.


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    1. re: Linda W.

      And remember that these generally err on the very conservative side. For example, pickles once open only being good for 2-3 DAYS!

    2. there was a good article in the NY Times last week about this issue. It was posted on January 4th 2005, so act immediately or you will have to pay to see it (it's free for the first 7 days if you register for free to see articles in the NY Times).