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Jan 10, 2005 01:23 PM

Grilled Cheese, new ideas?

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OK, so I've decided on having grilled cheese tonight with some soup. But tired of usual american cheese & tomato grilled cheese, anything new/exciting you can come up with? I just read this Cheddar, Ham & Apple recipe that sounds good... maybe?

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    How about aged cheddar, carmelized onions and smoked turkey?

    Or one I did last week on my panini press: aged cheddar, oven roasted roma tomatoes, roased garlic mashed into a paste, onions marinated in vinegar and spread the bread with Coleman's mustard.

    Other sandwich ideas for your panini press:

    prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, arugula and pesto

    Spanish chorizo, roasted mild chili peppers (such as anaheim) and pepperjack cheese

    fontina, red onion, spinach or arugula, prosciutto

    butterflied grilled rosemary chicken breast, basil mayo, oven roasted tomatoes, smoked fresh mozzarella

    1. Depends somewhat about what type of soup you are having and/or how picky you are with the differences in taste.

      A few of my 'different' grilled cheese favorites:

      Cheddar or hot pepper cheese with red onion, chipotle in adobo and avocado. Depending on how you feel about the avocado you can add it later cold or slice it very thin and cook it right in the sandwich.

      A good blue cheese, some truffle butter and sliced green olives.

      Goat cheese, roasted red pepper and black olive tapenade.

      1. Last night I took some good, hearty, homemade wheat bread, deli chicken breast, a slice of american cheese and a big dollop of Horseradish, Cheddar spread from Whole Foods. Slathered on a good amount of butter and then fried away - towards the end (when both sides are browned) I cracked an egg on top (saw this at a french restaurant I frequent) but had trouble keep the egg on top. BAsically I ended up flipping the sandwich over onto the egg so I didn't get the beautiful mushy yolk middle, but it was still really good.

        My favorite ever grilled cheese is from the Tribeca Grande Hotel in NYC. They use a mixture of expensive parmesans and romanos on small slices of french bread that then seem to be soaked in butter and fried. Fantastic!

        Good luck! Nothing like a grilled cheese.

        1. I always enjoy making my grilled cheese with Havarti. It is gooey and stringy when it melts.

          A great addition to grilled cheese and deli meat is pesto mayonnaise, I just mix mayo and the classico green pesto you buy in the small jar (if I don't have any homemade) and spread it on the meat side of bread (I find if you spread it on the cheese side, it doesn't taste as good).

          1. One thing I do is I butter the outside of the bread and then smoosh parmesan cheese into the butter and grill it that way. It adds a wonderful taste to it. I use the green can for this (I know, I know) and I haven't tried using fresh parmesan even though I have a chunk in the fridge. I also like adding bacon to this sandwich. It's excellent with the parmesan taste.

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            1. re: Wendy8869

              Why is everyone so afraid of the green can? I am a darn good cook and occasionally, I break out something like a green can to put in my artichoke dip, or that blue jar of salad dressing in my devilled eggs.....sheesh.....

              I'll stand tall and proud when I do it, too. And when someone asks 'What do you put in these devilled eggs?' I'll tell them...MIRACLE WHIP!!!

              1. re: krissywats

                "Why is everyone so afraid of the green can?"

                Because it tastes like sawdust?

                Seriously, I suppose if the green can is ALL that's available, I'd use it as well. But if you can get a chunk of fresh parmesan, why not use that instead?

                1. re: Linda W.

                  Sawdust is right!
                  You need a pile of it to get some flavor and about a teaspoon of the real stuff for the real deal cheese flavor!

                  Also, the real stuff is much cheaper, why would anyone buy it the green can? Blows my mind.

                  BUT, thanks for all the great grilled cheese ideas, think I'll make the goat cheese, roasted pepper & olive spread one tonight!

                  1. re: Linda W.

                    And look at the label. It says 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese.

                    All that means is that it is 100% GRATED. Not 100% Parmesan or 100% Cheese.

                    Nasty stuff.

                    1. re: Linda W.

                      Look, I'm with ya' on the real stuff tasting better. But I'm also of the mind that there are certain things - certain recipes that have a specific taste and texture to them that require the really low-brow ingredients to come out tasting just right.

                      I think it's VERY easy to get snobbish about such things....and I choose not to be.

                      I don't think it tastes like sawdust. I also don't think it tastes like real parmesan. I do know when my brother was losing a lot of weight, the green can was his best friend - added a saltiness and texture that felt like fatty food but wasn't. If he'd used real parm, he would have never lost the weight.

                      I prefer fresh greenbeans to frozen, too, but I'm not gonna knock someone for cooking with frozen, or putting canned greenbeans into a casserole, or tell them how fresh is superior - they KNOW that, but for whatever reason, they choose to cook with the canned stuff.

                      Just my two cents.