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Jan 10, 2005 11:04 AM

How good is plain yogurt if........or...

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How good is plain yogurt is you sweeten it yourself with various fruits or artifical sweeteners or non-sugar fake maple syrup? I am trying to watch my simple sugar intake. What are some ideas? Or are there any good lower fat less sugar yogurts out there that taste good? Thanks,Richie

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  1. What are some ideas? Find locally made (also expensive) "natural yogurt". Or, eat cottage cheese. Or eat plain yogurt and eat a piece of fruit. Or use plain yogurt in a smoothie.

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      I have been flavoring plain yogurt myself for a while and now find the sweetened versions unbearably sweet. This is particularly important for me because I am trying to limit my kids' sugar intake. Sometimes I make my own yogurt, which is very easy and much less expensive.

      Here are some add-ins we like:
      * jam or preserves, any flavor
      * Trader Joe's pumpkin butter
      * applesauce
      * TJ's frozen mango, diced small and defrosted
      * any frozen berries, defrosted (they collapse when they defrost and leak their juices into the yogurt)
      * a dribble of maple syrup or honey
      * a pinch of instant coffee powder and a little sugar

      That should get you started.

    2. I find the Hood brand Carb Countdown Yogurts quite palatable. They are low fat and low on sugars. I also keep Stonyfield Plain Whole Milk Yogurt on hand. That can be mixed with no sugar added preserves or adda bit of Splenda and fresh or frozen fruit of your choice. Watch some of the frozen because some produces do add some sugar to help preserve fruit when processing.

      1. I buy stonyfield farm organic lowfat yogurt, take two cups of frozen fruit, a tsp or two of raw sugar (I'd stay away from Splenda if you care about your liver or kidneys - can a chlorinated sugar REALLY be good for you?) pop it in the microwave for a few minutes until thawed, and mix with one cup of plain, lowfat yogurt. Good stuff. You could obviously do the same thing with fresh fruit of any type. I love using fresh strawberries and blueberries together.

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          Is raw sugar better for you than processed white sugar?

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            I have some insulin issues and have had to rework how I eat sugars. Raw sugar processes differently and more slowly in the body than refined sugar which will spike your insulin more quickly. Neither of them is GREAT, but with the raw, you're eating it the way 'nature intended', rather than processed. I typically use raw sugar, maple syrup or honey and I've noticed a difference in my ability to lose weight and in how I feel. (switching to whole wheats, grains, and legumes helped as well, slows down the process and my insulin doesn't spike).

            I'm trying Whey Low, as well, which is a combination of three natural sugars that the body doesn't absorb like refined sugar. No chemicals involved like in other sugar replacements. Cooks like regular sugar, too.

        2. How low do you want to go? I won't use artificial sweeteners but find a spoonful of good honey is all I need to take the "edge" off plain yogurt.

          I am addicted to frozen unsweetened strawberries blended with yogurt in a food processor, with just a teaspoon or two of honey.

          Substitute frozen bananas, which are sweeter, and use even less honey.

          What about savory additions, like cucumber-onion-mint?

          Or doogh, a popular Middle Eastern yogurt drink, using seltzer and salt?
          1 cup yogurt
          2-3 cups fizzy water (can use mineral water)
          1 tsp mint
          1 tsp pennyroyal (optional)
          black pepper
          Stir gently in a pitcher, let sit for an hour or more, pour and drink. Very nice with spicy foods.

          Or mango lassi? Fresh or frozen mango, blended with plain yogurt and ice, sweeten with just a teaspoon of honey.

          1. Is raw sugar better for you than white sugar?

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              I don't think any sugar is "good for you" but raw sugar has a nice flavor.