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Jan 9, 2005 08:07 PM

Garlic sour cream dressing?

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I saw a piece of a recipe on the Food Network today, and then the channel got switched.

It began with the chef squeezing a whole head of roasted garlic into a bowl and adding light sour cream, buttermilk and herbs - and squeezing some lemon juice in.

Did anyone see it, or know the whole recipe?
I'd like to try it - or something similar. It didn't use mayonnaise, as far as I could see.


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    1. re: Artie

      Artie, you are the greatest! I tried - unsuccessfully - to find it online, and was ready to give up.

      Thank you very much.


      1. re: Sylvia G

        If that ever happens again go to Food Network's site
        and click on the TV Schedule. All their recipes are displayed next to each days programming. You can go back quite a while to find something you missed.

        1. re: Artie

          Thanks, I went to the site and saw how it works. I hadn't gone to the TV portion or I would have found the recipe.
          Something new to learn every day!