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Jan 9, 2005 01:56 PM

Broccoli rabe and garlic pasta, with sausage, inspired by Carlo

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Inspired by Carlo Giuseppe's broccoli-rabe-and-sausage ravioli, we tried an un-wrapped version, adding a crumbled link of italian sausage to our weekly broccoli rabe in garlic olive oil with pasta. I used shells, which worked particularly well with the little spicy bits of sausage. Though there was just a small amount of sausage, it rounded out the dish beautifully, and, dare i say, improved what I thought was a nearly perfect preparation. Thanks Carlo! Hope yours was as tasty.

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  1. Orichiette is the classic pasta for that preparation, but shells will definitely work in a pinch. You should try that next time just to compare.

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      i had bad luck with orecchiette, admittedly because I didn't stir them enough and most of them stuck together. Usually we use farfalle, but my regular source was out so I got shells. I should give the little ears another try, and stir them frequently!

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        Also good with cannellini beans and lots of shved parmesan.

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          I always add lots of chicken stock so it's almost a soup, then dunk bread.

        2. Todd English has a great recipe for brocolli rabe and sausage, which I have been making for a few years now. His recipe starts off with sauteeing shallots, garlic, and a few diced anchovies. We also use turkey sausage, to make it a bit lighter (don't know Carlo's recipe). I agree it is an excellent combination. I also eat it without the pasta, if I am feeling especially carb heavy.

          Thank you for reminding me I need to make this soon, it has been awhile.