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Jan 9, 2005 03:18 AM

Please recommend a toaster oven

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Preferably not the basic ones

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  1. Cuisinart convection-toaster oven. Can't imagine how I did without it.

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    1. re: Karl S.

      Yes I wholeheartedly agree, this is my new favorite appliance. Love having a convection oven in my tiny apartment AND it's big enough to bake a pie/crisp. It's great.

      Hate all Black and Deckers (I've had quite a few, I guess I was slow to learn that they just aren't good) and I liked my Delonghi (but it wasn't convection). But the cuisinart is the best I've had.

    2. Don't get the Krups, it's almost useless, only good for toasting bread (barely). So sorrry I gave away my 1970s GE when I got the krups, that one was perfect actually.

      1. My Delonghi convection/toaster oven has been a workhorse over the years.

        It's had more then six years of solid abuse, and is still going strong.

        Of course, it's over six years old now, not sure how well the current models are... but with the exception of some discoloration on the top, it works great!

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        1. re: SizzlingJoe

          We've had two Delonghi's in 10 years and the second one was only purchased because we moved and my wife wanted one that was color coordinated. A workhorse is exactly what best describes it!

          But, I am very interested to hear if anyone has compared that to the Cuisinart? Perhaps in a few years, we might buy a different brand....Just for a change.

        2. Our old DeLonghi was good, the next one was a piece of junk. I would never get one again. Poor customer support.

          I absolutely love our Cuisinart!

          1. We're quite happy with our DeLonghi- had it for a few years now.