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Jan 8, 2005 09:22 PM

snowed-in cookery

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OK, tomorrow I may well be snowed in. At our house we have had over two feet fall in the last 24 hours (unheard of in this town!) and it is still coming down. Besides, we live on a side street that will never be plowed (there was still snow on the road from last week's storm.....).....I'm just not sure I'm going to want to go to the store...and I know they won't get their deliveries anyway...

So, I am running out of fresh food, although I do have a fair number of apples and oranges left. There is no meat in my freezer. There is some halibut and salmon, but we had that last night. Any ideas??? I have eggs, sourdough and wheat bread, plenty of milk, lots of canned soups and the like, pasta, canned chili, some cheese.....

So what would you try and amuse the family with? Or should I just strap on my cross-country skis??? I'm thinking we have some dal, so there is always that....but would love to hear all of your favorite ideas of "cooking from the cabinets..."

(Tonight I used some leftover roast and the last of the fresh vegetables to make a beef/vegetable/rice soup). It was great with some of the sourdough and sliced oranges. I had all the ingredients for a pumpkin pie, so we'll be eating that for desert.

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  1. If you have canned tuna, you can make a decent version of tuna linguini;, similar to clam linguini: saute fresh garlic and onion in butter and olive oil, add basil and thyme (fresh would be best but oh well), add white wine, a touch of worchester (sic, but I am lazy to look it up), perhaps a bit of chicken broth, and canned tuna, simmer a few minutes, Serve over linguini...

    or even better, scroll down the board a bit and look for the brown butter spaghetti recipe someone posted....

    Of course, in my house, with those ingredients, the kids would have been clamoring for french toast with homemade applesauce on the side....

    and if you are out of butter and wine, guess you will just have to get out those skis! :-)

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      janet of reno

      No, no tuna. But we do have canned salmon; that might work....

      The French toast is already on the menu for breakfast. I have a pound of bacon in the fridge too, so should be good.

      I would never let myself be without butter or wine...and we do have some brandy and good single-malt scotch as it could be worse!

      Would love to hear other ideas from all of you out there. One important thing to mention: I have two teenage boys at any suggestions must be filling!!!

    2. Two things came to mind based on the ingredients you listed.

      Pizza sandwiches - something I lived on in college, basically grilled cheese but with some tomato sauce put on the inside of each slice of bread, if you have pepper rings etc all the better.

      How about a casserole with the canned chile, some pasta, spices and melted cheese on top.

      If you have the ingredients you could also make Mexican calzones or make a pie crust recipe and make empanadas out of some of the ingredients you have around.

      Good luck

      1. A big pot of Pasta Fagioli, with or without bacon, and made with canned beans.

        Some kind of tamale casserole (I made one with a chili type bottom - vegetarian or with meat, depending on the mood) with a baked cornbread topping.

        Strata made with the stale leftovers of whatever bread you have layered with anything - fish meat cheese veg. - and soaked with egg/milk mixture

        Definitely make an apple cake or something - you can use the Pear Tart recipe using apples instead of pears. Very comforting when snowed in.

        1. Hi Janet - how about Pasta Carbonara??? Pasta, bacon, eggs, cheese, black pepper..... Yum!