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Jan 8, 2005 06:58 PM

Urgent-Need Fish Chowder help!

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Having company for an early supper tomorrow and my plan was to make fish chowder as the main course. Have all the makings on hand. Just learned one guest is allergic to shellfish so there goes my clam broth base(homemade too)! The only other stocks I have on hand are homemade beef, chicken or canned veggie. The weather here is horrible, in the middle of a snow/icestorm so would prefer not to have to run to the store. Are any of these good subs?


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  1. I would dilute the chicken at least by half (chicken stock can be rather sharply flavored), especially if it is a stock and not just a very light broth. Fish chowder does not need a stock as such, but it's nice if you have some fish heads and bones. The less dairy and binder that you use, the more the fish flavor will be able to sing.

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      I agree, and I would also doctor the diluted broth with some white peppercorns, a thick slice of onion, and a celery rib to up the vegetal component and neutralize the chicken-y-ness for a half hour or so before add the rest of the ingredients to your base.

      good luck!

      1. re: Karl S.

        Do you think I should dilute with the canned veggie broth or just plain water? Ot is more of a stock than a broth with a deep gold color. I am afrain my stew won't be that nice creamy white. Wish I had the fish heads and bones!! Aaargh. Don't you HATE when these things happen at the last minute???

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        Jim Washburn

        I think I would be inclined to go ahead with the chowder as planned, hold out one portion of fish and potatoes, broil or pan-fry that one portion of fish, boil the portion of potatoes and serve with butter and parsley.