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Jan 8, 2005 02:16 PM

7 Bone Pot Roast

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I just bought the most beautiful 7 bone roast. I almost want to have it framed rather than cooking it. I have all sorts of odd ball pot roast recipes around but I was wondering who out there thinks there is a special recipe for this Sunday dinner.

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  1. This sounds like one of those moments where less is, if not more, definitely better. Make a little mirepoix (onion, celery, carrot), add a bay leaf or two, garlic if you swing that way, red wine and braise away. Let the beef be the star. A seven bone roast? Is that a cross rib roast? If so, where do you live and what time is dinner?

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      Okay, I looked it up. A seven bone roast is not quite the same as a cross rib roast. I should have known; I don't remember ever seeing a cross rib roast with more than four ribs. But a cross rib roast is not, strange as it may seem, rib meat. It's chuck. Here's a pretty set of pictures:


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        Thank you for sending the pretty set of pictures; since I am a wannabe vegetarian/consumer of cheap cuts of aminal protein and married to a carnivore, the pics come in MIGHTY handy; do you have a portfolio for pork parts too? other aminals?

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            Thank you very much. and now if you ever need any garlic recipes....well, let's just say I'd be a good source.

    2. Ahhh the seven bone. A cheap and much ignored cut. My favorite cut for braising and hamburger.

      I compliment you on your practiced eye.

      Since I can see you know the basics I’ll cut to the chase.
      I’d brown the meat, sauté tomato past with mirepoix, deglaze with wine and add some chicken stock and braise.

      Liquid should come up to a little less than ½ up the side of the meat.

      Simmer on the stove or in the oven till done.

      One note, Leave the bone in. After cooking rinse the bone and put it in your compost.

      Now… should I warn my vegetarian friends when I hand out tomatoes?

      Frank, Southern Conn.

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      1. re: Frank

        And if you live in this neck of the woods, don't forget to add "hard to find" to your description of it!

        I used to dread the parents 7-bone roasts... then when I got older I realized it was for two reasons.

        1) Hate the taste of ketchup in recipes
        2) Don't care for the taste of cooking in beer

        Once I figured those things out, went out to find a 7-bone for myself.

        Nowhere to be found.

        It's so bad that this time at Christmas, not only where there boned prime ribs, but the stores went as far as to cut off the outter edge even!!!

        Yes, I know fat is bad for you, but I really appreciate being able to choose if i want anything else, besides just a hunk of beef flesh, sans bone, fat, skin, etc.

        Sacramento, CA

        1. re: SizzingJoe


          What? No Seven bone in Sacramento, CA. That’s puzzling. I assume you’ve spoken to the meat guy at the local large grocery store.

          Beer and ketchup in a pot roast. I have to confess that I’ve started to use a German Rine instead of the red wine.

          Best Frank