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Jan 8, 2005 01:31 PM

lamb breast ideas?

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I bought lamb breast from my butcher today. It was on special, and I had never tried it. Was wondering if anyone had any experience either cooking it or eating it--there doesn't seem to be a whole lot in the way of recipes, so even some indication of how it was served to you would give some useful guidelines. The stuff I got didn't have alot of bones-- looks more like pork belly than ribs, but it was cut into rib-like strips. The butcher recommended a braise of some kind. There seems to be quite a bit of fat to melt off.

Google turned up a Provencal recipe that looked plausible (link below). I would be quite happy for any other ideas.



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  1. Is it still on the ribs or is boneless? If boneless you could stuff it, cut a pocket in the meat to hold the stuffing then either sew or skewer the pocket closed and then brown in a casserole and braise. It is what I do with breast of veal when I can get it.

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      I think it might be great as a roast stuffed that way (fat side up), but I would not braise it. Lamb fat is much gamier than veal. Either way, I'd either go with the parboil as the drdawn's recipe suggests or roast it on a rack so you can take the fat out as you go.

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        Stuff it with a sage and onion dressing, plenty of salt and pepper and a cup of wine like rose, over the beast to take out the gamey flavor. Cover in foil and braise in the oven at 350 for a couple of hours and it falls off the bone.

        1. re: Zoe

          Plenty of chopped parsley too.

      2. Denver Ribs, lamb spareribs, are great, but fatty like beef shortribs (okay, spareribs aren't lean, but they puff up unlike spareribs). As they are in the same area, I'm thinking anything low and slow would work well.