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Jan 8, 2005 11:42 AM

Whipping Cream

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I know to use 35% whipping cream in French toast, mashed potatoes, etc., but does anyone have good recipes for main dishes that use it?

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  1. Kathleen, whipping cream is awesome in lots of sauces...this one is my favorite, Pan-Seared Tuna in Shiitake Ginger Cream Sauce....incredibly easy and restaurant quality, if you like fresh tuna. My father in law asked me if he could lick his plate when I made this which I usually only do for company because it's kind of expensive between the tuna and the shiitakes, (though you can easily use a combo of shiitakes and white button mushrooms) and a bit rich with 1 1/2 cups of whipping cream. The sauce is tremendous over basmati or jasmine rice. Link below.


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      Great recipe--can sub chicken for the tuna.

    2. The bulk of cream sauces for pasta use heavy/whipping cream.

      Gratins of various kinds - potatoes, mushroom, asparagus, chicken, etc- use heavy/whipping cream.

      1. There's a roast chicken recipe in Julia Childs's "Mastering . . . Vol 1", Poulet Roti a la Normande, that involves basting the chicken with heavy cream toward the end of the roasting time. It's become my default roast chicken recipe, and the resulting gravy is spectacular.

        1. Leftover whipped cream in the fridge inspires me to make a quick pan sauce.

          Pan broil a piece of meat -- steak, chop, or even a ground meat patty. I think this is spectacular with a ground lamb patty.

          When the meat is done to your liking put it aside on a warm plate. Have the other ingredients and rest of the meal ready because the sauce part only take a moment.

          Deglaze the pan with a bit of some liquid -- stock, wine, even a tablespoon of water. For the ground lamb patty I use a fortified wine like sherry or madeira. Do this over high-ish heat, and only use a tablespoon or two of liquid. Cook most of it away, which with the hot pan and small quantity takes only a moment. Then whisk it as you dribble in your cream, a tablespoon at a time. Cook it quickly to reduce it and emulsify it. Correct the seasonings (a little prepared mustard can be nice, depending on other ingredients), pour your sauce over your meat and enjoy.

          1. I love to add cream into the last phase of making a pasta dish - it makes it extra creamy. I recently made pasta with stewed eggplant and tomatoes, and mozarella cheese, and added in a tbs of cream and it was awesome.