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Jan 8, 2005 07:32 AM

Help with Bouchon's Lemon Tart

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I am making Thomas Keller's lemon tart from his Bouchon cookbook. I prepared the crust last night, and will bake it today. One thing I noticed is that there is no salt in the dough. I added a bit of fleur de sel, since I think it needs it. My question has to do with the lemon curd. He says to broil the tart after its filled with the lemon curd. I'm nervous about this. I'm worried that broiling will be a disaster. If I had a torch, maybe I would try that instead, but I don't, so it's the broiler or nothing. Does anybody have any opinion or suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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    Jeremy Newel

    I just read the recipe, though I haven't yet made it, and I think there should be no problem with slipping the tart under the broiler, providing your broiler is well pre-heated. It needs to be good and hot. What you are doing is just "browning" the top of the tart a bit. Do not take your eyes off the tart while it is under the broiler. It should take only a few seconds to start to color and you will want to take it out before you have burned spots.

    1. Trust in Keller.

      1. The tart was delicious. The crust was perfect. I think the addition of a bit of fleur de sel was right. The lemon curd was tasty, however, it was a bit runny. After I made the tart, I let it set an hour. I loved the texture of the curd, but the tart was a bit messy to cut and serve.

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          Jeremy Newel

          Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if the tart would have set better if it had been cold, or been allowed to stand for longer than an hour.

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            I think that it would have set better if cold, but I also think that the taste would be better room temperature. Given what I think is this dichotomy, I would again choose room tempterature. Next time, however, I think that I will make individual tarts so the cutting issue is not an issue.