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Jan 7, 2005 03:38 PM

Maine shrimp is here - recipes?

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Maine shrimp (in shell) is selling for as low as $1.35 a pound in the mid-coast area. It doesn't have the typical shrimp flavor, but is a sweet, delicate, small bit of meat and I never know what to do with it. I'd appreciate some suggestions.

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  1. That's an insanely good price. The ones we get in Michigan are much closer to $6/lb on a good day. Last year, I couldn't get any at all. They are, as you say, mild and sweet. I usually just boil them up and eat with homemade cocktail sauce. I think they would easily be overwhelmed by more complex preparations.

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      Way back when, I had so much of these shrimp around (boyfriend's family was one of the processors in Portland) -- boy do I miss those shrimp glut days.

      I found them to be ideal for shrimp salad, shrimp spreads and dips, and a very quick garlic and butter prep. They don't do well in anything that takes much cooking because of their texture. Being from Maryland, I tried the steamed spiced (with Old Bay seasoning) prep I grew up with and that didn't work at all!

    2. Olly, I live in Florida and we eat a lot of's a link to Thai Shrimp Curry, one of our favorites...I used the full 2 Tbsp. of green curry paste and my son and I were in pain but were loving it...if you read the reviews of the recipe, you'll see others added even more of the paste...YOWSA! It's a simple and absolutely delicious recipe IF you love Thai foods...otherwise, I would recommend the Garlic Shrimp also at I don't know how to post the link to 2 recipes. Link below.


      1. How about stir-frying them in a wok?
        (Never seen the Maine shrimp, but I'll just toss this out, incase it'd apply...)

        Minced garlic
        Red pepper flakes (optional)

        Get the wok good and hot, add the butter, garlic, salt, and shrimp.


        1. At that price you can afford to try almost anything with them. Just cook them briefly to maintain the texture. When I boil them, I get the seasoned water/beer boiling hard, dump in the shrimp, and almost immediately scoop them out with a strainer. Taste one for doneness (it should be perfect) and shock in ice water. This is my preferred way to cook them. I like to dip them in cider vinegar with a good grind of black pepper in it. But any sauce you like would work fine.

          If I have any leftovers, I shell them and serve them with a light white sauce on toast for breakfast. I'm jealous! I haven't had a good mess of Maine shrimp since I left Maine!

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            irene goodman

            the new york times had a bunch of ways to cook them about a year ago. better still try penelope casas' (sic) recipe for shrimp for tapas. qucilyu sauteed with shell on in olive oil with garlic (lots), paprika, a touch of cayenne , a splash of sherry, salt pepper. sorry i don't have proportions.