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Jan 7, 2005 01:32 PM

Giant whisk vs. my little whisk?

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I've been using what I consider a "regular" sized whisk for the past few years (10" long). I don't have much use for it other than making salad dressing and roux, or the occasional pot of ganache.

I saw a HUGE whisk today, the kind I see on Iron Chef. It was easily 14" from end to end. What would a home cook use this for? Are there things I could be doing more easily that I'm missing out on? Or is it just an impressive, but mostly useless, kitchen utensil?

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    babette feasts

    Mostly useless for the home cook, but giant whisks do have their place in the kitchen. For example, when I'm melting 5# butter, 5# chocolate and 10 c. sugar together in the biggest bowl we have in preparation for brownies, I get the big whisk - probably 24" long, so I can leave it in the bowl and whisk occasionally as the mixture melts, and it doesn't fall in and get all chocolatey.

    So, bigger bowl of stuff to mix, bigger whisk!

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      culinary nerd

      Big balloon whisks help whip cream faster, if you are inclined to do it by hand.

      The same goes for egg whites.

      And yes, you use a larger bowl.