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Jan 7, 2005 12:35 PM

Help -- Veggie Burgers

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I prefer to make my own veggie burgers rather than purchasing the frozen one but even though I've tried several different recipes (some that include eggs, cornmeal and even flour) they always seem to fall apart when cooked. Do any chowhounds have good homemade veggie burger recipes that actually hold together?

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  1. I found a lentil burger recipe in the Vegitarian Times Cookbook that stays together pretty well. The recipe uses ground oats and bread crumbs to keep it together. It helps to bake them instead of frying or grilling.

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      Oats can be a key ingredient, because of the "colloidal" quality. The first veggie burger I ever had (as a child) was made mostly with oats, mushrooms and breadcrumbs, and I remember that it was quite good. But a veggie burger made with tempeh also holds together very well--has to do with the fermentation process of the soy--and is also delicious.

    2. Try the Neat Loaf, as prepared by Ananda Fuara in San Francisco.

      It's not a veggie burger, but it's a great alternative and is amazing in a sandwich with some lettuce/tomato.

      The recipe is forgiving. I use onion powder because I don't like the taste of preservatives in the Lipton powder, and my friend used sauteed onions because she didn't have powder. She also left out the brown rice and still had a good result.

      I would recommend using firm rather than extra firm tofu. I like my neatloaf soft father than hamburger-like. However, you might go with extra firm the first time around since you're looking for something that will hold.

      Good in a sandwich or sliced with a side of mashed potatoes and a salad.


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        I have not tried this recipe, but after I do I will report back. Still and all I thought this might be of interest.


        1. These are more cutlet-y than burger-y, but i love can use breadcrumbs instead of matzah meal if you prefer. The spinach and the potato really work well in this, but the other veggies I change all the time depending on my mood...You can bake them if you really want to, but they are much better fried.
          And I also think they come out better when made smaller than the recipe sugests.