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Jan 6, 2005 05:56 PM

Electric Juicers

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Any recs on a simple electric juicer-all I will be using it for is oranges. Thanks.

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  1. I wish I could send you mine (in fact, I will if you pay for postage!). I started out with a lot of enthusiasm, mostly for fresh carrot juice, but a month later it became a dust collector. I began to loathe cleaning all the parts.

    Get something simple that produces the kind of volume you need in a reasonable time, has as few moving parts as possible, and is really, really easy to clean.

    1. I recently went shopping for juicers, since hubby had been hinting about one for his Christmas present...went to Macy's, was really surprised at the price range of the things (at Macy's you can spend anywhere from $20 to almost $200)....I did see one for about $19 designed specifically for citrus (looked just like a mechanical orange juicer, but with a cord).

      Hubby, otoh, wanted something for all types of vegetables and fruits, so I ended up getting one at the higher end of the middle range of what I saw: Mr.Juicer. It looked easy to clean, and it is. Hubby loves it actually, but is disappointed in the accompanying recipe book, which has a decidedly new age bent. So, if anyone has any good sources for, or actual recipes, please let me know....

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        the brand I got for hubby is Juiceman Jr. Where I got Mr Juicer from I dont know.

        The Black and Decker looks is the small onr I mentioned; if all you want is something to juice citrus, I don't know how you could go wrong with that one...

      2. I purchased one recently and use it only for citrus. It's the Black and Decker and it's nice because A) it works and, B) it's easy to clean, just put in the dish washer. It comes with two reamers, one for limes and a larger one for oranges.

        I've been __very__ happy with mine.


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          We just got this Black and Decker - amd love it for all the same reasons. Our previous juicer was one of those expensive, heavy, hard-to-clean ones where you pull the handle. We thought something so simple would last forever, so it was worth ~$100. Wrong: the pins sheared. I love the built in pitcher on the Black and Decker!

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          If you're not planning on making anything other than citrus juice (orange, grapefruit, etc) I cannot recommend any electric juicer more than the Citromatic Deluxe by Braun. Everybody who knows me had to hear me gush about it the first month I had it (just like when I got my microplane and my silpat). Yes, it's a stupid name but it does what you want it to and it's easy to clean and store. It also works for smaller citrus like limes and lemons but I prefer to use a fork or a reamer for those since there's usually less juice.

          Apparently, it's on clearance at Amazon for $24.99.