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Jan 6, 2005 11:40 AM

Is there a use for leftover cooked oatmeal?

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Can this glop be transformed into anything else?

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  1. Well, it be transformed into oatmeal pancakes. Old Joy of cooking has a recipe.

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    1. re: summertime

      I just made pancakes using this Joy recipe and left over oat groats. Or rather I should say I used the recipe as a guideline. I didn't measure the leftovers, though I think it was close to 1 1/2c. I used close to a cup of flour, 2 eggs, bp, salt, a 'pour' of oil, and enough rice drink to get the desired thickness (after several test pancakes). Using the whole grain gave the pancakes an interesting texture, a bit like using whole corn in corn fritters.


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      Food Tourist

      Porridge bread (a Nova Scotia recipe)

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        Thanks so much for asking about this. I have leftover oatmeal every Sunday and never know what to use it for. I googled porridge bread and I got a wonderful sounding recipe. I'll let you know how it comes out when I try it. I've added the link


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          That recipe contains a lot of sugars, though. It would be nice to find one with less sugar! (granulated, brown and molasses).

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            You could reduce the brown sugar. The white is there to help activate the yeast. But keep in mind, this is for 6 loaves. You could try it, as written, and then adjust the sugar to your taste.

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          I bet you can incorporate it into some sort of multigrain yeast bread. I know my Peter Reinhart has a recipe, Multigrain Extraordinaire, that calls for cooked brown rice.

          I seem to recall hearing about a baked oatmeal recipe where you could press it in a pan, sprinkle it with a brown sugar streusel type topping, and bake it for breakfast another day...

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          1. re: JessicaSophia

            It makes great bread. I've never followed a recipe, I've always just added it to a basic dough made from some yeast, flour, salt, and water or milk. My recollection is that milk or buttermilk works particularly well with cooked oatmeal. I'm pretty sure the Laurel's Kitchen bread book has a recipe.

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              How long can I keep cooked oatmeal in the fridge? I cook still cut on Sunday so I can have oatmeal for 5 days, is this healthy? I add ginger and cardamom as well.

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              I've been served it sauteed in butter (let it congeal on a plate, then cut into pieces). Served with jam and yogurt. Very good.

              1. j

                I've used it as a soup thickener. Good for gumbo as a rice substitute or for chowdery types.