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Jan 6, 2005 09:25 AM

Spice Grinding

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I'm going to buy an extra coffee grinder for spices this weekend - my current situation of using the little cuisinart doesn't do the job. Should I buy a "burr grinder" if its to be used for spices, or is there a specific appliance that works better for spices?

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  1. I'm delighted with my KitchenAid. It's larger and more powerful than the Cuisinart (I've burned out 2 Cuisinarts in the past 5 years or so). One of the best features of the KitchenAid is that the bowl is removable, making it easy to clean.

    Lowe's has them for less than I paid, maybe $35 if I remember correctly. Shop around online.


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      Anna V. Carroll

      I have two small Braun coffee grinders. One marked COFFEE and one marked SPICES. They are inexpensive ($20) and clean easily. They take up very little space in the cabinet. This is the only product I would consider to grind spices and coffee. Macy's is having a sale on them. Hope this helps. I use my Cuisinart mini-prep for the serious stuff like salsas.

      1. I use a Krups coffee grinder for spices. The oval shape causes the spices to be thrown back into the middle for more grinding instead of being flung to the sides. It produces a more even grind.

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          I second the Krups. I have had it for many years. (I purchased it after hearing one of the better know chefs recommend it, don't ask who, it was tooo long ago) it does a great job. I like to make my own chile blend & it completely pulverizes even the toughest chile

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            That's what I use as well. It helps if you shake it while grinding.

            Also- re: the o.p.-
            I always run hard spices (like cinnamon) or spices with a papery husk (like coriander) through a fine mesh strainer, just in case. There's always a tiny bit that doesn't get ground.

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              Thanks all - I'll get the Krups or another oval unless I hear otherwise later. Good idea on the strainer. I made a yellow curry from scratch last night and ended up with bits of fenugreek, cloves, etc. in the final dish. That's what prompted this - a strainer would have helped.

          2. I use an old Braun, designated for spice grinding.

            I have even used it for *fresh* herbs--produces a very fine grind, and much easier than mincing them!