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Jan 5, 2005 09:28 PM

too salty salted eggplant - help!

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I have made two eggplant recipes from the New Best Recipe cookbook.They both called for 1 TBS of kosher salt for 2 eggplants (16oz). And both times the eggplant was way too salty. Has anyone else found this problem? Neither recipe said to wash off the salted cubes or slices. Should I use less salt, or wash off the pieces of eggplant even if the recipe did not have that instruction? The eggplant parmesan recipe did have the slices washed off, but these did not.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. While recipes are a starting point, remember that your instincts should never be suppressed, esp. if you've had some prior experiences to draw from. By all means, cut down on the salt next time.

    Salt is usually used to draw out some of the water content in eggplant; however, a light sprinkling should do the same job. Just season w/ salt using the same amount you would season other veggies; I rely on feel and taste more than exact measurements when it comes to seasoning during cooking...

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      What I've done in the past is salt the eggplant slices, then rinse,then pat dry. I don't know if it's a cook's tale that it makes it less bitter, but it seems to do a great job in reducing the water content when breading/frying it.

    2. Did you actually use kosher salt. A given volume of standard table salt is MUCH more salt than the same volume of kosher salt, which is lighter and flakier.

      This could be the problem.

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        I used Diamond kosher salt!