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Jan 5, 2005 09:22 PM

beef heart

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So I have a large beef heart in my freezer. I'm thinking I'll braise it.

Would love to hear your suggestions and experiences.

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  1. while I avoid most organ meats now, I grew up on liver, heart, kidneys, etc. Only thing that I eat on a regular basis now is smoked tounge (I do my own). Usually my mother would make slices of liver and heart, dredge them in flour and pan fry. Today on rare days I stir fry heart, kidney, lots of onion, some green pepper, garlic and butter at the end. Wife and son hate the smell - so I do it when they are out of town visiting the mother-in-law.

    Also have ground heart and kidneys with grain fillers wrapped in bacon in a pate terrine that people eat and enjoy before finding out what it is.

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      I grew up eating all that stuff, liver, heart, tongue, brains, sweetbreads, kidneys. My Mom used to make stuffed beef heart - a bread stuffing with sage, onion, salt, pepper, an egg to bind it and then tie the heart up, pour some broth over it and cover it and braise it in a slow oven for about 3-4 hours until it was melting. Mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts go with this one. Once in a while I still eat lamb kidneys bought at the Persian market.

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      I don't have the recipe or the spelling but some Peruvian friends of mine made a dish called anicoucho (this can't be the correct spelling, but it sounds right). Basically beef heart cut into 5"x1" stips, marinated in a vinegar heavy marinade and then grilled over hot coals. I'm not big on organ meats but this was pretty good. Maybe someone has a correct spelling and recipe.

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        I was going to suggest anticuchos (I think that spelling is correct?), too, but I don't have a recipe for it.

        I also like to grind up some organ meats and add with ground beef, pork, and veal when making bolognese pasta sauce, meatballs, or stuffing for ravioli. I typically use chicken gizzards and hearts as I generally have them on hand, but I'll bet beef heart would be great. I would use about a quarter pound of heart, half pound each of veal and pork, and half to a whole pound of beef. About a quarter pound of ground mortadella added for the meatballs and ravioli stuffing also is great.

      2. You might want to check french cookbooks - old ones used to have a very good recipe for heart "steaks", it is a kind of a old classic.

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          I want to braise...

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            Well, I find it tastes a bit rubbery if you braise it - something about the texture.

        2. I would use it your favorite chili recipie,and cook it slow.