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Jan 5, 2005 07:14 PM

substitute for oil when baking

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I've got a great recipe for an apple cake from The Gift of Southern Cooking that calls for 1-1/2 cups of vegetable oil. What can I substitute? Perhaps apple sauce? If so, how much oil should I use, and how much apple sauce?

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  1. I usually substitute 1 for 1 apple sauce for oil in many recipes. Pumpkin also works well but since it is an apple cake stick with apple sauce but make sure it is 100% apple, that there is no added sugar. Keep in mind if you replace all the oil with apple sauce you will have a very different cake. I would start by replacing 1/2 the oil and see how it turns out. If it still feel/tastes too oily for you next time replace 3/4 of the oil.

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      I always halve the oil in my recipes and replace it with unsweetended applesauce 1 for 1. I agree the texture would be off if there was no oil at all.

    2. There is a commercial available substitute made out of prunes. I used to use it when making cookies.

      Directions are on the jar.

      1. You could use apple sauce, or prune substitute.

        Probably the "safest" substituion in terms of matching the texture/moisture of what the origional chef had in mind would be to use extra-light tasting olive oil. It's right next to the other olive oils in the supermarket, but has less "flavor" than the usual EVOO.

        There was a good article in the Boston Globe, I believe, about how lots of countries use olive oil in their baking (of cakes)...specifically places like Italy and Greece.