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Jan 5, 2005 11:56 AM

My New-Fangled Spaghetti...(brown butter spaghetti)

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After reading a recipe for Toasted Spaghetti with Clams in the Feb Food & Wine magazine, I was inspired to experiment. I thought I would share the results for those interested.

*Funwithfood's "Brown Butter" Spaghettini*

Instead of boiling the spaghetti in water as usual (actually, spaghettini), I broke the noodles in 2" pieces and sauteed the uncooked noodles in olive oil and lots of butter until starting to brown. Next I added minced garlic to the bottom of the pan and sauteed for 1 minute, then added chicken broth (instead of clam juice); covered and boiled until the liquid was completely absorbed, then added salt to taste. It was *really* delicious--way better than boiling in water!

(I served the noodles along side meatballs in a mushroom--herb sauce.

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  1. Same preparation as Mexican "fideos".

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    1. A great version of this in Mexican Cuisine is called Sopa Seca, meaning a dry soup. There are many versions of this dish, all of which, can be made with rice, fine spaghettini, or a combination of both. The variations on the flavorings for this dish are endless. Any good Mexican Cookbook will certainly have reference to "Sopa Seca"