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Jan 4, 2005 06:32 PM

What happened to my chocolate fondue?

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My boyfriend was making me fondue and when he served it it was all seperated with the liquid seperate from the chocolate--and the chocolate was bumpy, not smooth at all. I thought maybe he had overheated it and it seized so I started again with new chocolate, it is looking nice and smooth and then we add the grand marnier (as part of the recipe on epicurious) and suddenly it becomes all bumpy and seperating. Any idea what happened and whether there is any way to fix the leftovers?

p.s. link to the recipe we were using below


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    babette feasts

    I would try re-melting in a double boiler with another few ounces of cream.

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      I often add a few teaspoons of corn syrup to my fondue which seems to smooth it out.

    2. It seized. Chocolate is temperamental and pouring stuff into it (even though it was blended with the cream already) is foolhardy. I'd put the full amount of the GM in at the point it tells you to put in the first tablespoon.

      1. The recipe wants you to add the chopped (UNMELTED) chocolate and Grand Marnier AT THE SAME TIME.

        If you wait to add AFTER chocolate is melted, it will seize and separate.

        Another option is to add it mixed into the cream.

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          Ahh, yes you must be right (at least that is what i did, need to ask SO what he did). (It seized after the first tablespoon was added so Dorothy's theory is wrong). Thanks for the explanation, i am kind of kicking myself, but i'll know for next time.

          Any way to fix it now? Will corn syrup and/or cream help?

          thanks again!

          1. re: D-NY

            Dorothy's explanation is not necessarily wrong. Chocolate IS VERY temperamental. Overheating when melting will cause it to burn, and once burnt, it's useless. When melted, addition of any water or liquid will cause it to seize (turn solid) - even a few drops.

            The best way to do this is to add any flavoring (GM) with the cream. Or to somewhat temper the melted ganache (mix of cream and chocolate) with GM, at varying ratios, and then add this to the larger amount of ganache.

            Adding cream can help. Heat it up and stir into warm/room temp chocolate/ganache. (cold cream will likely cause more seizing).