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Jan 4, 2005 02:50 PM

Which size/type Le Creuset to buy?

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I have been wanting to buy a Le Creuset pot for some time now, and due to a generous holiday gift I can now afford it. The only thing is, I can't decide which pot would best serve my needs.

I intend to use it for the following: soups, braises, and risotto. I'd like it to be big, as I usually cook for 4-6 people.

I was leaning toward the round 7.25 quart dutch oven, but don't know if that's too big. I also was tempted by a great deal I saw on the 6.5 quart risotto pan- but wasn't sure how versatile that one would be, with the sloped sides.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. When we got our 7-qt Le Creuset, I couldn't imagine that I was actually going to use the thing. As it turns out, I use it far more often than my smaller 4-qt dutch oven.

    I think the dutch oven would be far more versatile than the risotto pan.

    BTW - don't overlook caplan-duval for great values on discontinued le creuset colors. They have a big sale going on right now.


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    1. re: Fatemeh

      Original poster here. Thanks so much for all the advice!!! I went to a nearby store and actually eyeballed the pots- went with the 5.5 qt round oven after all, because the 7 qt was just a little too big for my everyday cooking. Figured that maybe someday I'll also add the bigger one for dinner parties, etc.

      So, I ordered the 5.5 qt online for about 140 bucks with shipping and tax. I can't wait to get it!

      Thanks again for all the insight!

    2. I think the dutch oven would be more versatile; a big one could double as a stock pot, too. I find that I prefer making braises or anything that might spatter in a pan with a higher sidewall---keeps the stovetop cleaner.

      I wouldn't trade my Le Creuset for anything, they heat evenly and are a dream to clean. But be aware that the sheer weight of some of the larger pots can make them awkward if you're cooking by yourself, for example, and need to tip one using one hand while scooping/scraping with another hand. I once owned a LC turkey roasting pan---it was a great deal on sale---and I later determined that with the combined weight of the pan and a turkey, I'd get a hernia taking it out of my fairly low-to-the-ground oven. Relying on the S.O. is not an option (kitchen phobia), so I took it back.

      Otherwise, I keep adding to the collection.

      1. You know about Cap Duval, yes? You might be able to get all of the above since they are substiantially less expensive than most other vendors.

        I think a 7.25 qt dutch oven is plenty big for 4-6 people. Personally, I'd go smaller as the pot would be easier to handle/wash/store. Plus it will weigh substantially less.


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        1. re: Anne in SF

          I have both a 7-qt one and one that's somewhere shy of 5 qts. I use the smaller one for soups and stews involving a lb. of dried legumes plus a meaty bone, etc. I use the bigger one for a pot of chili; a hunk of corned beef; corn on the cob for a gang; steaming dungeness crabs, and suchlike.

          I got the big one from Caplan Duval, and the smaller one (a LeCreuset pretender) at a garage sale. The smaller one has a circular ridge on the bottom, so if I upgrade to a glass-top stove it probably won't work.

        2. here's another place that has great prices on Le Creuset....I recently bought a 5.5 Qt Round Oven for $139.99 with free surface shipping. Cap / Duval has this for $159. It's Cutlery & More.


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          1. re: gordon wing

            Since I've been doing so much stewing and braising (and loving it!) this winter, I've been coveting a Le Creuset Dutch oven. Sis in Scottsdale, AZ says they have a LC factory store nearby w/ good deals, so am going to check it out when I visit this weekend.

            However, I was searching Amazon for deals and reviews and noticed that this particular 5.5 quart only in red (see link) is for a mere $120 when you apply the $25 discount (expires at end of Jan.). Says item is also eligible for free shipping! Will probably go for this if the factory store doesn't work out.

            P.S. If you go the Amazon route, remember to link through CH site so they get the bonus.


            1. re: Carb Lover

              I'm probably missing something but when I went to Amazon through your provided link I didn't see the free shipping notation - I saw the low price of $134. 95 from J&R Music etc..... and when I followed that they listed S&H at $12.95, I think. There was also a link to a $30 discount but that was for opening an Amazon Visa card.....there are a lot of links, buttons, etc...did I just overlook something?

              1. re: gordon wing

                Went back through my link and it seems that Amazon has shifted info around a bit...not sure why. Doesn't necessarily mean the deal is null though. On the right margin under "more buying choices", Amazon's list price is $144.95. Ad that I saw a few days back said that anything from housewares $125+ received a $25 discount until end of mo.; hence, total would be $119.95. Don't see that now, but it may show up when you check out. If you add item to cart, it does say that the item is available for free super saver shipping.

                Main concern that I would have in buying this product through Amazon is that it says "order now to get in line." That don't sound good...

              2. re: Carb Lover

                Just got this email today )(link below). Capland Duval has limited quantities of the the 5 quart oval for 89.99 and the 6.5 quart oval for 107.99


                1. re: Rubee

                  Thanks for the info; sounds like a very good deal! Anyone have any thoughts on oval vs. round? I was leaning towards round but want something larger than 5 qt. Is heat conductivity just as good in oval?

                  1. re: Carb Lover

                    I would think the advantages of oval are in the oven: you can move the pot sideways and put something next to it. Otherwise, it would seem to be disadvantageous for heat distribution and also it'll take up a tiny bit more space in the cupboard when nesting with round pots.

                    1. re: Carb Lover

                      Just fyi - CD has a variety of LC pots on sale. Example - Blue 7-quart round is $111.18.


              3. i've been using the 9.5 qt doufeu. it's great when i do a big batch of lamb shanks. i was having problems with sauces bubbling over in the smaller ovens.