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Jan 4, 2005 11:01 AM

bored with breakfast

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One of my resolutions this year was to wake up in time to eat breakfast at home before work. But I get bored easily with toast, bagels, and cereal.

I would love to hear some quick, easy, unique ideas for breakfast if you have them. Even something I can make the night before...

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  1. How about a frittata,hard boiled eggs, scones, yohgurt and fruit.

    1. I love black beans, so I:

      Heat black beans in a small pan until they're the consistency of re-fried beans. Canned or dried both works. Obviously canned is the easier way to go because it's cooked and seasoned, and you just need to add a few herbs/salt/pepper that you enjoy. Or a touch of cayenne for some kick.

      Layer the paste onto your tortilla of choice, then cover with saran wrap, and repeat until you have a little stack. When you want to eat one, just peel it off and put it on a skillet/pan over low flame. I usually throw it on the pan before I brush my teeth, come back and throw some mozarella on it and then go put my clothes on, and throw the whole thing on a paper towel and eat it on my walk to work. It's warm, savory, not too crazy for breakfast, and filling.

      A Chinese favorite is also rice with dried pork shreds in the middle. Spread leftover rice on saran wrap (only works with fairly sticky rice: jasmine, Japanese rose/botan, glutinous), sprinkle with dried pork shreds, and roll up. You could get creative with the fillings: buy some BBQ pork from a Chinese takeout place, put in vegetables...just remember it tastes pretty bad when it's fridge-cold. I'd warm it up a bit.

      1. Brown rice and cashews cooked in chicken broth.

        1. You could make Chinese porridge or congee ("jook" or "zhou" in Cantonese and Mandarin respectively). It's very easy. Just simmer cooked rice that you have leftover in chicken stock until it's falling apart (about 15 minutes depending on what kind of rice you have). Then top with salty or strong flavored things, like fried shallots, dried pork, fried fish, etc., or if you're going the healthy route - sliced green onions and cilantro and pickled bamboo shoots.

          Quite filling, but mainly water, so you're hungry in time for lunch. :)

          1. Perhaps not especially original but I've recently been enjoying the Beckett-ian minimalism of hard boiled eggs (easily done the night before) with espresso from my stovetop espresso maker. The tiny little cups of espresso and the compact little eggs are pretty satisfying and very tidy.

            If you're curious about trying new kinds of salts you could do your own morning tasting. In some restaurants that do salt-tastings they use hard-boiled eggs as the salt-delivery-vehicle. You could get some obscure French salts and compare every morning.